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CRM for Marketing

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CRM for Sales

We implement CRM solutions that will help you manage your opportunities more efficiently and give you clear insight that will enhance your sales performance.

  • Leading with Microsoft Dynamics 365, we'll help you lower sales costs, increase account value and achieve your growth targets.
  • Leveraging familiar services and apps including Office 365, Skype, Excel and Outlook, we implement and support CRM systems that provide an intuitive experience to empower sales teams.
  • Your data is accessible via web browser and mobile devices so you can always do business, wherever you work.
  • Finally, we help organisations develop smarter sales processes transforming repetitive, manual tasks into automated workflows that increase sales productivity.

Connect with Customers

Personalise each interaction using complete information about every contact and account from a single shared database that keeps you informed and prepared for every sales interaction.

Quickly assess and edit this information – from anywhere!

See a clear picture of each relationship with access to service cases, demographic data, sales orders, recent emails, shared documents and more detail across virtually any device.

Increase Sales Productivity

Replace time consuming tasks with automated CRM workflows. These can include email notifications, lead scoring and intelligence driven alert cards that drive user actions and keep efforts profitably focused on selling.

Cloud Shoppe will help you develop connected processes to help you sell more efficiently and give you with actionable insight across your entire sales operation.

Prescriptive Selling

Increase conversions by following guided steps in CRM that reflect your methodology, best practices and business rules.

See where you are on every sales lead and opportunity - and what needs to happen next to reach a positive outcome.

Further prescriptive features include up-sell and cross-sell recommendation in new sales quotes and templates for project based sales to make sure that each quote is feasible and profitable.

Business Insights

  • Get visibility into the sales metrics that matter most to you and make informed decisions about your business.
  • Drill down and gain more actionable insight by connecting CRM with Power BI to bring sales data to life with graphical visualizations.
  • Assess the health of each customer relationship based on recent interactions using embedded business intelligence.
  • Leverage social media to identify and act on buying signals

Increase Email Marketing Leads

Connect CRM with marketing automation services including Click Dimensions and MailChimp, send personalised emails and identify the top prospects from each campaign.

Leverage nurture marketing to trigger automated campaigns using sales data to send a series of contextual emails and alert you when recipients respond.

Do Business Anywhere

Track Outlook emails in CRM on the go and access your sales data via mobile and tablet apps to do business anywhere with a consistent user experience across all devices

Manage Products

Issues quotes quickly and accurately by referencing your product catalogues with product names, prices, descriptions and discount structures stored in CRM. Integrate these with your finance / ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics product management capabilities include hierarchical product families and product bundle options.

Sell More When You Work Like a Network

  • Create winning proposals and presentations as a team with document management, real-time co-authoring, and sharing.
  • Harness the collective wisdom within your business by discovering and sharing sales ideas via Office 365 Groups.
  • Reach experts in your organisation with instant messaging, voice and online meetings via Skype for Business.

How Cloud Shoppe Help Sales Teams Win With CRM?

Before CRM can achieve these results, it is crucial that sales teams understand how the system will benefit them.

Poor CRM user adoption is the prime reason why many projects fail to deliver their expected results.

Cloud Shoppe engage and educate sales teams to ensure requirements are heard. We demonstrate how CRM helps individuals sell more effectively to cultivate user adoption and empowerment from the outset.

This approach helps overcome frequent user barriers to help your organisation gain early success from Microsoft Dynamics.

CRM for Marketing

CRM & Marketing Automation

Maximise budgets with marketing tools that segment contacts, measure campaign results and increases lead quality

Our CRM and marketing automation solutions will help you to engage customers and prospects with the right product, on the right channel at the right time.

Transform every touch point into a marketing opportunity by leveraging contact data to target messages more effectively and gain actionable insight into your marketing efforts.

Personalise Communications

We'll connect relationship detail to a centralised data source enabling marketing teams to segment contacts in order to create targeted lists and make highly communications that resonate.

By integrating CRM with other external solutions including email marketing, web tracking, eCommerce and ERP databases you'll be able to apply behavioural and transactional data for even greater personalisation to create messages that build brand awareness and increase revenue.

CRM Marketing Analytics

We use Dynamics CRM 365 Online to implement business intelligence that enables you to measure opportunities and revenues across all your campaign activities.

Get a clear overview of your marketing results so you can quickly assess performance and drill-down to gain deeper insight.

Email Marketing

Cloud Shoppe recommends leading email marketing providers Click Dimensions and MailChimp with CRM

  • Schedule bulk HTML emails in CRM and track every recipient action
  • Carry out customer satisfaction surveys to collect feedback and gather insight
  • Increase email interactions by personalising messages with CRM data
  • Use signup forms to engage with new prospects
  • Demonstrate the return from each marketing campaign
  • Gain even more insight by connecting with Power BI

Social Engagement

Connect with customers on their social channels and gain insight using Microsoft Social Engagement

  • Measure campaign performance and impact, and track your share of voice across popular social networks.
  • Discover insights about your brand, products, and services to understand the sentiment towards your business.
  • Be alerted to actionable posts. Respond via your social networks and link posts to CRM as leads or service case records.

CRM for Customer service

Leading with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Cloud shoppe will help you meet the challenges of an evolving customer service landscape to earn client loyalty through smarter processes.

Empower Agents & Happy Customers

  • Make every interaction matter with case management tools that empower agents to deliver service excellence.
  • We'll configure process flows that provide prescriptive advice guiding agents to successful outcomes by following your defined rules and best practices.
  • Provide a personalised service and resolve issues faster with complete relationship information that is accessible in a single interface hub by desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Stay Agile

Respond quickly, prioritise client issues and adhere to service level agreements. This includes automatically creating cases from emails and case routing that deliver service issues to the correct people in line.

Trigger notifications that alert managers if unresolved issues are at risk of breaching SLA conditions enabling corrective action to be taken to preserve service quality and protect relationships.

Service Anytime, Anywhere

Enable customers to engage you effortlessly through the channel of their choice using any device - and collect their feedback after every interaction:

  • Deploy integrated self-service web portals enabling customers to search for answers, make service requests, check the status of cases and even interact with their peers.
  • Analyse interactions using Microsoft Social Engagement and use social data including sentiment and intent tags to trigger CRM cases and respond via your social accounts.
  • Use integrated surveys collect customer opinions, ratings and feedback to enrich data and identify performance gaps in your products and service delivery.

Keep Customers In The Loop

To keep customers informed about the progress of their service issues we'll implement automated email notifications when CRM cases are created, updated and resolved.

Service Intelligence

  • Identify trends and gain powerful insights into customer behaviour, agent productivity and service experiences.
  • Real-time, interactive dashboards utilise analytics and provide advanced visualizations giving you actionable insights to continuously improve service metrics and earn loyalty.
  • Track service performance indicators to answer crucial questions including: 'How many cases did we close this week', 'What was the average handling time?' and 'What issues are consuming the most time?'

Provide The Right Answers, At The Right Time

Share solutions to frequently encountered questions and issues in unified CRM knowledge articles that enable service agents to supply the right answers with a single source of truth.

Project Service Automation

Through project service automation we connect people, processes and technology to enhance the delivery of projects for on-time, on-budget professional engagements.

How Cloud Shoppe Will Help You Earn Customer Loyalty

Service has never been more important and expectations are on the rise. For those with a customer-centric focus and passion, there has never been a more exciting time to be in customer service!

As CRM experts, Cloud Shoppe will help you to utilise this technology to make customer care a key differentiator and empower everyone in your organisation use these tools to deliver a consistently satisfying service.