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Charity & Non-Profit

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HomeIndustriesCharity & Non-Profit

Start-ups & Small Business

No matter the size of your business, Cloud Shoppe will support you in your CRM journey. We are more than happy to work with start-ups to help them achieve outstanding results using the CRM systems.

CRM Software for Start-ups & Small Businesses from Cloud Shoppe

From pre-sales advice to implementation, user training and support we’ll take care of all your CRM requirements.

No matter where you are in your CRM journey, whether you are planning to implement a new system, or if you have already purchased Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Zoho CRM, Cloud shoppe will help you extract the most from your CRM strategy.

Financial Services

In today’s economy, organizations in the financial services industry need to find a way to attract and retain customers – and that happens with outstanding customer service.

Cloud Shoppe will tailor a CRM solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 that will empower your team to become trusted advisers to customers, increase customer retention, boost profitability, and proactively manage risk while helping to increase managed assets and reduce administrative costs.

Cloud Shoppe has the experience and expertise to develop effective solutions for Financial Services in the areas of wealth and asset management, banking, and more.

Microsoft’s vision is to help financial services companies transform from the transaction-centric model that’s been the mainstay for many years to a customer-centric model.


Our expertise includes:

  •   Single client view
  •   Opportunity management
  •   Risk management
  •   Regulatory compliance
  •   Investor, Fund and Client On-Boarding
  •   Automation, alerts, exception handling
  •   Complex relationship mapping
  •   Complaints management
  •   Campaign & Communication management
  •   Client reporting & document management
  •   Capturing mandates & investment guidelines

Local Government

Local Governments have long struggled to improve the quality of customer service, expedite the service fulfilment and implement smoother inter-departmental operations. With Dynamics CRM 365, many local Governments are shifting the department-centric operations to a more customer focused approach.

Based on our experience, deployment of the successful CRM implementation has resulted in better citizen information using better engagement strategies, better productivity using better communication with residents and better customer care for each citizen.


Our expertise includes:

  •   Consulting and strategy for online/ digital solution
  •   Multi-channel customer service solution (Web, Mobile)
  •   Integrated and interactive case management system
  •   CRM integration with back office / service fulfilment systems
  •   Business intelligence tools including role based graphical dashboards
  •   Service workflows and SLA management

Charity & Non-Profit

Cloud Shoppe with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is confident to implement solutions that will handle the diverse requirements of organisations working in the Charity & Non-profit Sector.


Our expertise includes:

  •   Managing members, donors and beneficiaries
  •   Containing costs through efficient processes
  •   Complete view of donors and sponsors in a single interface
  •   Increasing fundraising & commercial activities
  •   Reporting with ease for performance insight & governance compliance
  •   Developing positive social sentiment towards your organisation
  •   Event management

Professional Services

All professional services organisations have a shared goal: to deliver specialized expertise to their clients and provide unmatched levels of service.

CRM technology enables your people to consistently deliver these high-quality services and keep client acquisition, and retention, firmly in focus.

Whether your business operates in consulting, IT services, membership, engineering, marketing, advertising, surveying, or other business services, Microsoft Dynamics 365  will fit your strategy, and help you meet these challenges.

Cloud Shoppe has strategic knowledge and extensive experience of implementing and supporting
CRM solutions for professional services firms.


Our expertise includes:

  •   Connecting sales, service, marketing, projects and finance to a single integrated platform
  •   Service care processes with automated case routing and SLA monitoring
  •   Tracking billable time and expenses
  •   Organising resources to meet time and utilization requirements
  •   Project management automation
  •   Role based CRM dashboards that improve relationship intelligence
  •   Document and knowledge management
  •   Contract / Membership / Subscription / Renewal processes
  •   Event management