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What we do

Vision, Strategy, Planning

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Is CRM just another application? No, it is a living business strategy. CRM needs to be aligned to and support your business in delivering its strategy. We recommend....

Business Process Consulting

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Why do we understand your business processes more than you? Better understanding your business processes is critical for a successful implementation...


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Most CRM implementation fails, why? (Gartner & Forrester). We don’t agree that these implementations are complete failures. They produced some



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Why CRM adoption is less? If you are new to Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM, or if you want to develop your user skills, we are sure to have a...



administration 1

Are you making money out of CRM? Where does the data go? Cloud Shoppe's administration service bridges the gap between the CRM system...



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ClickDimensions Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 empowers marketers to generate and qualify high ...




Cloud Shoppe offers Migration services and expert advice for clients undertaking a migration from an existing CRM solution to Microsoft CRM Online..


CRM for Marketing

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Cloud Shoppe supports many of our new Office 365 clients with the initial design and planning for implementing SharePoint...


Our Clients

Why is CRM so important?

  •   To zero in and focus on what matters most
  •   To win faster and create personal targeted experiences
  •   Sell more, work like a network, and grow your business
  •   Do business anywhere via mobile and tablets

How exactly Cloud Shoppe can help?

  •   User-centred consulting approach to understand the CRM requirements
  •   Expert CRM consultants who can focus on the things that matters most to you
  •   Track record of successful implementation of cloud based CRM
  •   No unnecessary spending time and money to implement their CRM systems

Why do people looking for Cloud services?

  •   No upfront costs compared to on-premise systems
  •   Easy set up and provision the software in a matter of hours
  •   Reduce IT installation and administration costs. No need for a server in the office
  •   Keep software and security up-to-date, data is backed up always

Some facts:
70% of UK business used the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs
84% of UK firms use at least one cloud based service (e.g. Gmail, Dropbox, Flickr, etc.)

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